The Rock ‘N’ Roll Lifestyle

Real rockers just get away with the most outrageous behaviour – stuff that would get most mere mortals thrown directly into prison.

There seem to be no limits to what these larger-than-life characters can get up to. And what people will forgive them for! They seem to have no problem breaking the law, taking their life into their hands, taking other peoples’ lives into their hands, or alienating all the world. It’s like the risk just doesn’t register.

A site about rock and roll is simply not complete without a little homage to the most notorious hell-raisers this checkered industry has seen. So without further adue, let’s pay them their dues.

Ozzy Osbourne

Most famous for: Biting the head off a dove in a board meeting, bit the head off a bat on stage, trying to strangle his wife.

Keith Richards

Most notorious for: Being tried 5 times on drug offences, falling out of a tree and breaking his head.

John Lennon

Most notorious for: Staying in bed for a week to campaign against the Vietnam War, being such a threat to Nixon that the FBI tried to deport him from the US.

Johnny Rotten

Most notorious for: Calling Bill Grundy a ‘f*&^ing rotter’ on UK live TV, very public criticism of political leaders

Pete Doherty

Most notorious for: Dating Kate Moss, amounts of drug use that would kill several elephants

Of course, there are many, many rockers who go down these wild paths and never return. Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix, Sid Vicious, Kurt Cobain… the list goes on and on. It’s not a healthy lifestyle.

Which is why the survivors typically try to swear it all off. They go green, become activists, have regular reiki treatments on their personal massage tables and take up meditation. It all seems a bit odd.

But when you look at it, it makes perfect sense. These are some of the most extreme people the world has ever seen. It stands to reason that no one can maintain the manic, explosive energy over the long haul – especially not when it’s being channelled into destruction.

They’ve got to put their considerable resources towards something productive. I guess it’s the full circle of the rock and roll lifestyle.