Rock In The Rollings 60s

In the 1960s and 1970s, rock was undergoing something of a transformation. The music that had started as a way to have some fun on a Saturday night, to blow off some steam and dance with a pretty girl was quickly changing its tune.

The world was in turmoil – the 1960s are now commonly remembered as some of the most tumultuous years in recent history when it comes to sociopolitical upheaval.

There was a revolution afoot among the common people, who were tired of simply accepting what they were being told by the political and economic elite, and who wanted to carve out a place for themselves in the world. Major shifts in thinking happened around what was right or acceptable in terms of education, gender relations, race, drugs, dress and formalities.

The Vietnam War raged throughout the 1960s, and was arguably one of the most influential factors in the changing face of rock music. The Bay of Pigs threw the underhanded dealings of the US government into high relief, while there were wars of independence erupting all over Africa, and tense conflicts simmering in the Middle East.

While The Beatles were taking the Western world by storm at this time, causing millions of young women to go weak at the knees and causing endless logistics problems every time they went anywhere, there was something much more subversive going on in rock music as well.

Rock music became a political vehicle. It became the soundtrack to the protests that took place that decade, to the rebellion, to the conscientious objection, and to the uprisings. It became the sound of freedom, the sound of throwing off your shackles, of claiming your place in the world among the giants.